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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday, Feb 4th: Jerry Levy's 'The Third Coming: Marx Returns' (sequel to Howard Zinn's 'Marx in Soho')

Time Tested Books
is pleased to present
playwright Jerry Levy
performing his new sequel to
Howard Zinn's one-man play Marx in Soho,
The Third Coming: Marx Returns

Wednesday, February 4th, at 7:00pm

Embodying the persona of Karl Marx is an easy leap for Levy, a recently retired sociology professor at Marlboro College. The likeness between the two is uncanny, especially when Levy is in costume. Levy explains that performing Marx In Soho (Zinn's 1999 one-act play) more than 250 times in the last decade has given him special insight into the iconic social and political thinker: “In the process I probably learned more about Karl Marx than in the over 40 years I taught his work as a sociologist.”

Continuing on the themes Zinn raised about Marx’s relationship between his ideas, life, and character, Levy recently completed The Third Coming: Marx Returns. The play imagines Marx convincing “the Committee” to send him back to Earth again, but now to modern-day Brattleboro, Vermont. “A lot has happened in 23 years. What might Marx have to say about Vermont?” Levy asked.

Join us for a special performance of the play (Levy's only scheduled appearance in the Sacramento area), followed by a discussion and Q&A. Donations will be accepted.

Jerry Levy has been acting in and occasionally directing productions with Acting On Impulse Theatre Company, The Actor’s Theatre Playhouse, Vermont Theater Company, Elm City Players and productions at Marlboro College (where he taught sociology) since moving to Vermont in 1975. Among his favorite productions are Death of a Salesman, 12 Angry Men and The Philanderer. For many years he has been touring Howard Zinn’s Marx in Soho in North America and Europe. In 2011, after much dedication, Jerry Levy added another solo show to his tour: Wallace Shawn’s THE FEVER. Most recently he co-directed a staged reading of Ibsen’s Rosmersholm with Rupa Cousins.

This event is FREE & all are welcome.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Friday, February 6th: Jared Paul Live!

 Time Tested Books 
is pleased to welcome back
 renowned performance poet, activist and educator
Jared Paul 
Friday, February 6th, 2015 at 7:00pm

Jared Paul is writer, performance artist, and community organizer from Providence, RI. He is a two time Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist and an eight time coach of the Providence National Youth Slam Team, which placed second in the nation at Brave New Voices 2007. Having toured throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, playing alongside acclaimed poets, musicians, journalists, and speakers such as Amy Goodman, Saul Williams, Sage Francis, Our Lady Peace, Paul Hawken, Immortal Technique, Anti-Flag, and Atmosphere, Jared is widely recognized as one of the premiere performance poets in the world. His work appears in poetry collections and alternative teaching guides such as Write Bloody’s forthcoming Learn Then Burn anthology, and, UnCommon Core, on Red Beard Press, as well as in the Providence Journal, Socialist Worker, The Agenda, and more. In January 2014 Jared was part of the largest protest related class action settlement in U.S. history, Schiller v. City of New York,whereby after a decade of fighting, plaintiffs and the New York Civil Liberties Union defeated the NYPD and set precedent in Federal Court against the constitutionality of “Group” Probable Cause.

Doors:  7pm
Cost:  Suggested Donation of $3-$7

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Need easy gifts for all the book lovers in your life?

Time Tested Books is proud to present our unique take on the gift certificate. We call them Time Tested Bucks, and you can put different denominations together in any amount for a clever, individualized gift suitable for any occasion.

Time Tested Bucks can be used to purchase new or used books and records, and can be applied to special orders. They are available in $50, $20, $10, $5, $2, and $1 denominations, each featuring an original drawing of a literary legend rendered by local artist Miriam Davis.

Stuff a stocking, tuck some into a birthday card, or slip them into books when you pass them along... Good book karma :)

$50 James Joyce

Gift certificates are good for the purchase of 

new or used books and records, and they can be

applied to special orders.

$20 Joan Didion

$10 Toni Morrison

You can make your gift certificate purchase in the store, or call us and we can process your order over the phone.

You can also purchase gift certificates using Paypal (see below). We'll mail them directly to whomever you choose....

$5 Emily Dickinson

$2 Mark Twain

$1 Leo Tolstoy


Friday, November 28, 2014

Reading/signing with Kristian Williams - December 15th

Time Tested Books 
is pleased to present

Kristian Williams

Reading & Signing his latest book

Fire the Cops!
Monday, December 15th, at 7:00pm

Kristian Williams has written extensively about policing and state
violence, most recently in the collection Fire the Cops!  His other works
include Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America, American
Methods: Torture and the Logic of Domination, and Hurt: Notes on Torture in a Modern Democracy

 This event is FREE and everyone is invited.

TTB on facebook

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Reading/signing with Yon Walls & Cori Martinez - November 13

Time Tested Books
is pleased to present
Yon Walls
reading & signing her new book
Seeing Colette
Thursday, November 13th, at 7:00pm
 with special guest Cori Martinez

It’s 1912. After a fatal epidemic, a young woman named Colette Stonethrower flees her village to a life as an orphanage guardian, until another tragedy changes everything. As she leaves again on faith migrating far from the place of her birth, she meets a talented, idealistic stranger and makes a friend from a foreign land that becomes her trusted confidant.

While her new life reveals her purpose--fighting for the working poor and the destitute, exposing corruption and advocating for the arts--she encounters the merciless genesis of urban industrialization that marks the American era of mass consumption and machination. She also witnesses the beginnings of an artistic renaissance, forbidden love, the outbreak of World War I, and encounters the blossoming of a love like no other.

Yet despite her struggles and some good fortune, she’s also inheritor of something that will endure the generations. Set during the beginning of the last century, written lyrically—in prose sometimes like a delicate poem or an impressionist narrative, with surprising characters that enter and exit as in a dream, Seeing Colette is a novella to sense and savor.

Yon Walls was born in Owensboro, Kentucky and has been a resident of California since 1972. Her poems have appeared in the Walrus Literary Review, Syllogism, The Santa Clara Review, Parkway Journal of Hiroshima, Japan and the on-line publication, Niedergasse. In 2000, she earned her MFA in English & Creative Writing from Mills College and has attended craft workshops with Chana Bloch, Elmaz Abinader, Quincy Troupe, Elizebeth Willis and Toi Derricotte.  She has performed public readings with Deborah Major, Jose Montoya, Kathryn Holwein, Charles Blackwell and others. She can be found online at SPICYLETTER 

A beautiful and relatable debut memoir of a woman who-while vehemently avoiding the idea of God under all circumstances-finds herself passionately inspired by the higher power she discovers on a yoga mat. As she keeps digging- through marriage, new motherhood, business ownership, plus practicing and teaching yoga herself-she is surprised to find a deep affection and experience of God...as a thread that gracefully connects all aspects of her life and allows her to trust in its unfolding. In beautiful prose, Plus One explores the possibility we all have of finding connection and peace in the lives we are living.
Cori Martinez teaches groups and coaches individuals in self-inquiry, yoga  practices, meditation, personal growth and she is the owner of Asha Yoga in Sacramento, CA. Her overall intention is to support people in living real life with wisdom, skill and Grace. For her, this looks like learning to breathe consciously, to question beliefs that argue with reality and are unkind to you or someone else. It looks like being honest, vulnerable, authentic, and keeping an open mind and an open heart while the joys and tribulations of life unfold. She writes for prominent yoga and wellness websites such as MindBodyGreen, elephant journal, and Yoganonymus, and also writes her own successful blog: Memos From Your Highest Self.

                            (more info on facebook)

This event is FREE & all are welcome.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Barbara Rhine reading & signing new novel 'Tell No Lies' - October 23

Time Tested Books
is pleased to present
Barbara Rhine
reading & signing her new book
Tell No Lies

Thursday, October 23rd, at 7:00pm

Tell No Lies is the story of three radical activists--a black militant on the run, a farm worker organizer, and a Berkeley feminist--who get caught in a love triangle during a huge United Farm Workers (UFW) march led by Cesar Chavez. During the largest agricultural strike in California history, author Barbara Rhine served as staff attorney for the UFW. She opened law offices in Stockton, Merced, Fresno and Delano, CA. Throughout the Second Wave of the feminist movement, she participated in a consciousness-raising group and other feminist activities in Berkeley. And from her college days to the present, the author has participated in civil rights causes. It is from these various milieus that Tell No Lies springs.

"Tell No Lies is a vivid account of the 1970s United Farmworkers Union. Read this novel to understand the dangers faced by organizers and all who worked with them."
--Dolores Huerta, UFW co-founder and Vice President

"In Barbara Rhine's finely-wrought Tell No Lies, she illuminates life on the run, with astonishing consequences for people of conscience and commitment when hope and history rhyme. With everything on the line, she shows us the edgy and intense spaces where love might best be proved."
--Bill Ayers, a leader of the Weather Underground; author of Public Enemy: Confessions of an American Dissident

"If you want to know what it's like to be a fugitive through no fault of your own--lonely, scared and then in love--read this book."
--Danny Glover, actor/activist

Barbara Rhine is a lawyer, activist and writer. She blogs on books and politics and is the author of the novella The Lowest Form of Animal Life. Her articles have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times, and online at Counterpunch. She is a contributor to the poetry anthology From The Well of Living Waters (2011). During her college years she tutored in Woodlawn, got arrested with Marlon Brando in a CORE demonstration against segregated housing in Los Angeles, participated in Martin Luther King’s demonstrations in Skokie, and led a hunger strike to protest the War in Vietnam.

(more info here and on facebook )

This event is FREE & all are welcome.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

William Burg on new book 'Midtown Sacramento: Creative Soul of the City' - August 28th

Time Tested Books
is pleased to present
William Burg
reading & signing his new book
Midtown Sacramento: Creative Soul of the City
Thursday, August 28th, at 7:00pm

Though once scheduled for demolition, Midtown Sacramento battled back to become the city’s geographic and cultural center--a beacon for offbeat artists, progressive thinkers and independent spirits. This eclectic neighborhood made history through social progress and artistic innovation. Through the hippie counterculture of the 1960s, the irreverent power of punk rock in the 1970s and ’80s and the social and political consciousness of Generation X in the 1990s and beyond, Midtown always led the way. Now Sacramento historian and Midtown resident William Burg tells the story of the diverse generations of Sacramentans who shaped this trailblazing neighborhood.

William Burg is the author of several books on Sacramento history, including Sacramento's Southside Park, Sacramento's K Street and Sacramento Renaissance. He has served as President of the Sacramento County Historical Society and the Sacramento Old City Association. He received an MA in Public History from California State University, Sacramento, and works as a historian for the State of California.

This event is FREE & all are welcome.